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Featured Entertainers are individuals or groups who are not part of the DIFI organization--and often not from the Dayton area. There will be a DOZEN Featured Entertainers for 2014!

KABLUCHOK is a Russian performing group from Cincinnati.

KITKA Ensemble from Toledo performing Bulgarian dances

And we'll have drummers and dancers coming from BURUNDI!

The very popular KENYA SAFARI ACROBATS will be returning this year. The World's premier African Acrobats; hailing from Mombassa Kenya, will leave you astounded and amazed at their extraordinary feats of acrobatics.

EL RITMO Spanish Flamenco Dance Ensemble from Columbus,

STEVE FREE, an award-winning and internationally recognized guitarist, singer, and songwriter is also returning. He is a storyteller who tells his stories in song. A Native Appalachian and Native American (Shawnee/Cherokee), and an accomplished flute player he has received a nomination as Emerging Artist of the Year for the Americana Music Awards in Nashville. Listen to this sample of Steve's music.

SELO Ensemble-- a Columbus-based group performing the songs, music and dances of Croatia.  Melodies combine with unusual and incredible harmonies to recreate the sound of songs and music not normally heard outside of the villages of Croatia

ZABAVA, which in Russian means “joy, fun, and pleasure” is a company of enthusiasts of international dances, lovers of art, and advocates of multiculturalism in their community.ethnically we originate from Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Byelorussia, and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Troupe Roja middle eastern ensemble

Five Points Cloggers

Cedar City Cloggers

Swiss Yodeling Cousins


drummers Burundian Drummers


Kabluchok Kabluchok Performers

El Ritmo Flamenco
El Ritmo Flamenco

Zabava Dancers                         

                         Kitka EnsembleKitka Ensemble

                                Selo Croatian performers

Steve Free

Schedule of Featured Entertainment

See Performance Page for complete stage schedules.

Burundi Drummers & Dancers
Fri FORMAL  9:00-9:15       Fri INFORMAL   7:00-7:15
Sat FORMAL   12:30-12:45, 2:45-3:00
Sat INFORMAL   1:30-1:45, 9:00-9:15
Sun FORMAL   2:30-2:45     Sun INFORMAL   12:15-12:30

Kenya Safari Acrobats
Sat FORMAL    2:00-2:15, 9:00-9:15
Sat INFORMAL   4:30-4:45, 630:-7:45
Sun FORMAL  5:15-5:30     Sun INFORMAL  2:00-2:15

Kitka Ensemble-Bulgaria
Sat FORMAL  1:45-2:00,  3:15-3:30
Sat INFORMAL   6:00-6:15,   9:15-9:30

Selo Croatian Dancers
Sun FORMAL   4:30-4:45     Sun INFORMAL   3:15-3:30

El Ritmo Flamenco Dancers-Spain
Sun FORMAL   2:15-2:30    Sun   INFORMAL 1:15-1:30

Steve Free-Native American
Sun FORMAL   2:45-3:00     Sun   INFORMAL  1:00-1:15

Kabluchok - Russia
Sat FORMAL    5:15-5:30

Zabava Georgian Performers
Sat FORMAL   7:00-7:15    Sat INFORMAL   5:45-6:00

Troupe Roja Middle-Eastern Dancers   
Fri FORMAL 9:45-10:00    Fri INFORMAL 8:45-9:00
FORMAL 8:00-8:15    Sat INFORMAL 3:30-3:45
Sun FORMAL 5:00-5:15    Sun INFORMAL 3:30-3:45

Five Points Cloggers
Fri FORMAL  9:30-9:45    Fri INFORMAL   7:45-8:00
Sat FORMAL    12:15-12:30    Sat INFORMAL    1:15-1:30
Sun INFORMAL    1:30-1:45

Cedar City Cloggers
Sat FORMAL    8:15-8:30    Sat INFORMAL    9:45-10:00
Sun INFORMAL    5:00-5:15

Swiss Yodeling Cousins
Sat INFORMAL   12:30-12:45

Kenya Acrobats

Kenya Safari Acrobats