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2014 Honorary Chairperson
Cheryl Castro

Cheryl Castro has been a supporter of the Dayton International festival for over 30 years. She is currently the Informal Entertainment Chairperson and has been since 1999. In the past she also served as 2nd Vice President for the DIFI organization — the youngest member to hold office in DIFI history. Cheryl began her involvement with A World A’Fair at a very young age, dancing with the Philippine American Society Folk Arts when she was only five years old. At 15 she joined the DIFI Youth Group, serving in several offices with that group. She was a contestant for Miss A World A’Fair in 1995 and 1997, winning the crown in 1997. After graduating from the Youth Group Cheryl became a delegate to the DIFI Board of Trustees, representing the Philippine American Society. Upon the retirement of Mrs. Terry Eyman she was appointed Informal Entertainment Chairperson.

Cheryl remains a delegate to the DIFI Board of Trustees for the Philippine American Society of Greater Dayton, showing a unique talent in designing and creating the cultural displays seen at many of the festivals. Her talents have been rewarded numerous times including winning the coveted Traveling Trophy for the Philippines organization three times as well as several other awards.

Cheryl is first generation born in the U.S. Her parents, Charles and Lourdes Castro emigrated from the Philippines in the 1970s. Born is Chicago, the family moved to Dayton in 1982 where Cheryl attended St. Helens Elementary School and Carrol High School. She received her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and her Masters Degree in Engineering Management from the University of Dayton. Currently Cheryl is employed by the University of Dayton Research Institute as a full time engineering technician at Wright-Patterson AFB.

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Cheryl Castro