A World A'Fair

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Cultural Passport

A very popular feature of A World A'Fair, inaugurated in 2007, has been the Passport program.

The Passport is a small booklet containing a page for each country/ethnic organization, with a photo from the organization and a question having to do with this year's festival theme.

Children of all ages visiting the Festival receive a passport to be taken to each country's booth where they will find or be told the answer to the question and have their "passport" stamped providing them with a fun learning experience.

The  children can have their names entered into a drawing  for prizes donated by the ethnic organizations and Passport sponsors. 

Passport Balloon
Look for the Heart Balloon at each booth
to find the Passpor stamper.

Passport Program
Sponsored by

Premier Physician Services

The 2014 winner of the children's basket was Marcella Minhart of Beavercreek

2014 Passport Questions
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Q: When does Eid al-Fitr occur?

Q: Can you name the king’s celebration that opened the new cultivating season?

Q: Can you name the festival that celebrates the coming of spring and New Year?

Q: Every August in Medellin Colombia the Festival of Flowers is held. Can you name a popular flower that is exported from Medellin Colombia to the US?

Q: In late August or early September each year, the Obzinky festival is held to celebrate the end of the ________ season across the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Q: Genna is the Ethiopian name for this religious holiday. What is the holiday?

Q: What does Mardi Gras mean?

Q: What is the big party Germans throw to start the spring season of Lent?

Q: Easter is the most important festival of the Greek Orthodox Church. What day of Holy Week are eggs dyed red?

Q: What can be seen in the sky during the festival of All Saints Day in Guatemala?

Q: Can you name one of the following festivals in India? Here are two hints:
1. This festival is also known as “The Festival of Lights” to worship the Goddess of wealth.
2. This festival celebrates with playfully throwing and smearing bright colored powder or spraying colored water at each other during the spring season.

Q: What is the Irish wedding band called?

Q: What Italian festival is famous for its elaborate masks?

Q: Can you name two festivals that are celebrated every year in Japan?

Q: Can you name the harvest festival and three-day holiday in Korea that is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar?

Q: Lebanon is known for its many international music festivals. One of its oldest and best known cultural and musical events is the Baalbeck International Festival. At which historic location is this festival held?

Q: Can you name the festival that celebrates death in Mexico?

Q: The Netherlands celebrates a festival in honor of their world famous flower. Can you name this flower?

Q: Norway will have many festivals this year to celebrate the ______th anniversary of the signing of their constitution.

Q: What 5-day festival runs the Friday through Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday?

Q: In what month are Carnival celebrations held in Peru?

Q: What is the name of the brightly colored lanterns made by Filipinos during the Christmas season?

Q: Can you name the festival that celebrates the end of the harvest season in Poland?

Puerto Rico:
Q: What are fiestas patronales?

Q: Where is Scotland’s famous Royal Military Tattoo held each August?

South Slavic Club:
Q: What is the name of the big, furry creature who is featured in the Slovenian springtime festival?

Q: What is the folk-dance which is performed as a part of festivities in Turkey—to a large extent in the Eastern, South-Eastern and Central Anatolia?

Q: What is the name of the festival in Vietnam where children celebrate with star lanterns?

Youth Group:
Q: How do you say hello and good-bye in Hawaiian?

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