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Passport Program
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The winner of the
passport raffle is
Joselyn Kamikaze,
age 11, of Dayton.
Cultural Passport

A very popular feature of A World A'Fair, inaugurated in 2007, has been the Passport program.

The Passport is a small booklet containing a page for each country/ethnic organization, with a photo from the organization and a question having to do with this year's festival theme.

Children of all ages visiting the Festival receive a passport to be taken to each country's booth where they will find or be told the answer to the question and have their "passport" stamped providing them with a fun learning experience.

The  children can have their names entered into a drawing  for prizes donated by the ethnic organizations and Passport sponsors. 

2013 Passport Questions
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Q: Which country won the 2013 Africa Soccer Cup?

Q:In times past, this natural object was shared by people gathering together for drinking and celebrating.

Q: What is the traditional Colombian game that is similar to horseshoes?

Q: Since the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic has only qualified for one FIFA World Cup tournament. What year did that happen?

Q: What color jersey does the leader of the Tour de France race wear?

Q: Name two things Germans like doing for recreation.

Q: When the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC, what were the two competitive events?

Q: What part of the body did the ancient Maya use to score a “goal” in futbol?
A. Head
B. Hips
C. Feet.

Q: As Hungarians enjoy the natural hot spring bath pools—they might play a game of this while in the water. What is the game?

Q: This is the most popular sport in India. India has only won the World Championships in this only a few times—what is the sport? t

Q: What is one of Ireland ’s traditional pastime sporting events?

Q: What is the name of the smaller target ball in bocce?

Q:What is the name of the Japanese version of the game of chess?

Q:What is the traditional board game played with four sticks, especially during the
Korean New Year?

Q: Lebanon is one of the countries on the Mediterranean you might not expect to
offer resorts of this type. What kind of resort is it?

Q: What is a favorite pastime of the Mexican people?

Q: To spend Sunday eating, playing games, and having a good time in a park.

Q: A popular winter sport in Norway is ___________________

Q: Pinas Bay holds more world records for this sport than any other place in the world. What is this outdoor sport?

Q: Can you name the popular coin toss game played in Peru?

Q: Who is the 8-time World Champion Boxer from the Philippines ?

Q:What is a popular pastime in Poland that takes place in late summer and early fall in the forest?

Puerto Rico:
Q: This game is a very popular pastime in Puerto Rico—played by all circles of
society and people of all ages. What is this game?

Q:What is a Niblick?

South Slavs:
Q: Stomping grapes with bare feet was a way to crush grapes—true or false?

Q: What is the name of this Turkish national sport where sportsmen douse themselves with olive oil?

Q: In 1907 college and university marching bands started doing modern formations on the field. What university had the first modern formation—a giant letter “P”?

Viet Nam:
Q: What is a favorite national pastime in Vietnam?

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