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The Ambassadors Competition is the competitive opportunity for all youth (both male and female), ages 15 through 21 who are members of the DIFI Youth Group, to compete and be judged for this honor. The judging is based on the contestants' knowledge of their own country's culture, of other countries' cultures, of the A World A'Fair in general, and of their poise and ability to answer the judges' questions.

Immediately following the Competition is the Ball, the gala event where the winners--the Ambassadors of A World A'Fair--are announced: one male and one female. The Ball is an opportunity for all workers and friends of the International Festival to come together to celebrate before the festival's opening.

This pageant will be held at Creative Catering's Celebration Center on Poe Avenue, March 14. The judges for the pageant will be Carolyn Rice, Debbie Placke and Brad Kestner.

Junior Ambassadors of A World A'Fair, a boy and a girl, will be chosen on the Informal stage Friday, May 15, at 6:15.

The youth group does many activities!
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Youth Group

Chairperson: Aurko Shaw

Megdelawit Habteselassie

Amelia Oh

Secretary: Michelle Holder

Oksana Cerny

Historian/Sergeant-at-Arms: Dehja Moore

Sarah Schaffner

Assistant Advisor:
Jaislinn Kittel


When: First Sunday of Every Month
Where: German Eintracht Singing Society 
2707 Troy St., Dayton OH 45404
Time: 6:00 p.m

The youth group comes together to plan the festival in May.

You can get volunteer hours, meet new people, do many acvivities and also represent a country!


Ambassadors of
A World A'Fair 2014

Oksana Cerny, Czech Republic
Megdelawit Habteselassie , Ethiopia
Michelle Holder, Philippines
Amelia Oh, Korea
Ishwarya Ravichandra, India

Joseph Fitzwater, Panama
Daniel Ketchen, Netherlands
Aurko Shaw, India

Ambassador Awards

Amelia Oh, Korea
Aurko Shaw, India