12 Samples for $10 – Friday only

The Beer Passport is Friday night only and tickets are limited to 500.  In 2017 we came pretty close to selling out.  For $10 you get a passport that entitles you to a 2 oz. sample at 12 different booths: Czechoslovakia (who won the best beer prize in 2016), Scotland (who has won it every other year, including 2017, crap!), Netherlands, Ireland, South Slavs, Lebanon, Mexico, Germany, India, Japan, Philippines and Greece.

New beers in 2018 include Netherlands’ Oranje Boom (what, blowing up oranges?) and Greece’s Kit (instructions needed?).

At the end of the evening there’s a drawing  for a basket of noshies so be sure to vote for the best beer and enter it.

Passports and voting cards can be purchased at the wristband booths – cash only, please.