Attractions – There’s Something For Everyone

Here’s the major attractions.


There are two full-time stages: Main and Interactive.  Most performances are 15 minutes so there’s a constant flow of different performers with very different styles.   Featured EntertainersSchedules.


There are booths from 34 “countries” (actually, “ethnic areas”) and each one has a cultural display showing some aspect of their customs.  Our theme this year is “Transportation” and it will be interesting to see what sorts of clothing will be presented.  Most booths sell food and merchandise that must be representative of the area they represent.  Booths.


Most booths are selling food and beverages, again that must be representative of their culture.  Much of the food is freshly prepared on site by people who know how to do it.  Food.


There are two pageants held each year at the start of the festival, Friday evening.  The first is for the Ambassadors, where a boy and a girl from our Youth group are selected to represent the festival.  The second is for the Junior Ambassador, a pre-teen who also represents the festival.  AmbassadorsJunior Ambassadors.


The Children’s Passport is issued free of charge to all kids (adults – it’s fun for us too, but please refrain).  It’s a booklet with a question from each booth regarding our theme, Folk Medicine.  To get it stamped you have to go to each booth and find the answer.  Passports.


On Friday night only you pay $10 for 14 2-oz samples of beer from the participating booths.  And then vote for the best and enter a drawing for a basket of goodies.  Beer Passports.


Also located behind the Main Stage bleachers, the Children’s Area offers games, puzzles and projects for the kids to work on.  Children’s Area.


On Saturday at roughly noon, in room 106 off of the lobby, there will be a Naturalization Ceremony.  Come meet our newest Americans.


They sing a variety of songs from around the world and will be performing at different times.  DIFI Singers.