The Transportation Center Parking Garage is the most convenient place to park when going to the Convention Center.  For your $6 you get covered parking and an enclosed walkway directly into the Center. The garage is unattended – there are kiosks in the walkway lobby that accept cash and credit cards.

However, we’ve been advised that this garage will be having some maintenance in 2019 so you may find it more inconvenient than usual.  The bottom (southern) green entry shown below has been moved to halfway down the block on Jefferson St.

DCC Parking

Here’s the thankfully clickable construction notice supplied by the City of Dayton.

The Reibold Garage is also available and costs about the same.  You’d have to walk about half a block and cross Main Street.

There may also be on-street parking within a few blocks of the Convention Center, and there are surface parking lots. However, the  meters around the convention center will be bagged and require a placard to park.

May 2021 – Postponed. Maybe in the Fall.