Map and Directions - A World A'Fair

Map and Directions

Due to the move to a new venue, these maps and directions become pretty important. The new venue (the Greene County Expo) is in Xenia, OH, about 20 miles mostly east of the old venue in Dayton, OH. Instead of being located in a congested downtown area it is on a 2-lane rural road. Below is a (clickable) map of the general Dayton-Xenia area, with the yellow thumbtack showing the Expo’s location about a mile north of Xenia’s center.

Xenia is at the confluence of three major US Federal routes (68, 35 and 42) but no interstate highways. The closest interstates are 70, 75 and 675, all of which are visible in the map below.

Xenia is about 10 miles from Dayton, with US routes 35, 42 and 68 all meeting there.

Zooming in a little bit to the Xenia area itself below, we can see that once you leave one of the federal routes you transition to local roads. Your main goal is to get onto Fairgrounds Road.

From the west (Dayton area) you’d probably want to use US 35, turning left at the light at Trebein, then right at the light onto Dayton-Xenia, then left onto Hawkins Road (as you pass Kil-Kare speedway) then right on Fairgrounds.

If you are coming from some other direction you probably already have some familiarity with the area, but if you need help please ask Mr. Info.

Finally, here’s a closeup of the Expo itself. We’ll have signs by this point to direct you to the parking areas, along with volunteers who are collecting the parking fees which entirely go to support their community programs.

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