2011 Honorary Chairperson

Carolyn Stovallcarolynstovall

Carolyn Stovall was chosen as this year’s DIFI honorary chairman for the many years of service she has given to the DIFI organization, and the many years of promoting the culture of various countries through the activity of folk dance.

Carolyn has always been active in the international dance community of Dayton, participating in the Miami Valley Folk Dancers for 50 years, and teaching for many of those years.

As an elementary teacher in the Dayton area, she used this opportunity to teach children ethnic dances.  Many of these children danced at the festival in groups under her direction.  As the children aged, some of them continued to dance for the South Slavic Club.

Carolyn danced at the festival with the Yugoslav dancers, later to be known as the Zivio Dancers of the South Slavic Club, from 1977 through 1997.  Her involvement with the festival throughout that time was as a member of the South Slavic Club, working each year in the club’s festival booth.

When Carolyn was no longer able to continue dancing, she served as the South Slavic Club’s delegate for the International Festival.  In this position she served the festival as a member of the advertising committee, and also helped  put together the large booklet that was distributed at festival time.

She also served on an ad hoc committee in 2003 that investigated the status of the festival with regard for continuing its program.  This was a crucial time for the “A World A’Fair”, because several member organizations wanted to dissolve the festival for various reasons.  Under the general guidance of the board of the South Slavic Club, she and other task force members turned the fate of the festival in a positive direction.  The result of this committee work pushed the festival forward into a new decade of offerings for the Miami Valley community.  Along with others she worked to bring changes to the festival format, making its presentations more exciting for festival attendees.

Carolyn held the office of DIFI vice-president for two years and the office of DIFI secretary for two years. She has worked to put on several DIFI dinners and pageants helping the youth prepare for this opportunity.  She continued to work on the marketing committee and the advertising committee.  She helped our webmaster to establish the festival website and continues to provide information in keeping the website current.  She has worked on numerous committees and continues to do so.

For her diligence, work, and belief in the worthiness of the “A World A’Fair”, the board of directors of DIFI proudly chooses Carolyn Stovall as the honorary chair of this year’s festival.  Carolyn values the friendships formed among the many members of the DIFI family.

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