On the Stages - A World A'Fair

On the Stages

During the three days of the Festival we keep two stages going full time, generally limiting performances to 15 minutes.  There’s always something interesting going on, or about to go on.

The Formal Stage, in Building 2, has raised raised bleacher seating for 1200 people and a raised platform stage, complete with lighting and sound systems.

The 2015 opening ceremony on the formal stage.
The 2015 opening ceremony on the main stage.

The Interactive Stage is set amid tables and chairs with ambient lighting and a sound system.  We encourage the interactive stage performers to teach a dance as part of their performance and often the dance area is filled with audience members trying to figure out what to do with their arms and legs.

Lebanon on the informal stage
Lebanon has everybody dancing during the teaching portion of their performance on the interactive stage.

For many of our groups the interactive stage is where the “kids” perform while the “adults” perform on the formal stage.

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