The Youth Group consists of kids from 14 to 20 who have an interest in an ethnic heritage – either their own or any other.  They have monthly meetings that usually coincide with DIFI board meetings. Unfortunately, for 2023 we couldn’t get a critical mass of kids together in time to put their own booth on, but we’ll be trying again in 2024. In the meantime, all sorts of volunteer community-service opportunities exist during the festival weekend – send an email to for more info.

When: First Sunday of Every Month
Where: German Eintracht Singing Society
2707 Troy St., Dayton OH 45404
Time: 6:00 p.m

For more information, contact the Youth Advisor, Sarah Schaffner, at

Youth Booth in 2009
Usual craziness.

The youth are given a booth space at A World A’Fair and much of their energy is spent planning the booth and then putting it together.

They also get to participate in the Ambassador and Junior Ambassador contests.

You can get volunteer hours, meet new people, do many activities and also represent a country!

Yippee – 2023 is ON!