A World A’Fair was a 3-day international festival historically held each May at the Dayton Convention Center, in Dayton Ohio.  We showcased booths from 35 organizations representing over 50 countries, all of whom are non-profits as are the organizers.  We ran two full-time stages with performances from both the local groups as well as regional, national and even international performing groups.

Update, January 2022. Unfortunately, due to the uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 and its variants plus uncertainties surrounding the Convention Center’s new ownership and management, the festival board has decided to cancel the May 2022 festival and study revamping the festival, pretty much from scratch. We have formed a committee to study what our options might be and as any decisions are made they’ll be presented here.

Opening Ceremony




Food! Dancing! Music!



Costumes!  Cultural Exhibits! Fun!

Obviously we like to have a good time and we try to make sure you and your family will have a good time at the festival.  But in the background our mission is education.   We hope our visitors come away not only well-entertained and well-fed, but also better-educated.

In 2019 we had >25,000 total attendees.  This makes us the Dayton Convention Center’s largest event and the largest international festival in Ohio.   2020 will mark our 47th year, which also makes us the 2nd oldest international festival in Ohio, following Columbus .

Dayton International Festival, Inc (DIFI) is the organizer behind the festival and our Board is made up of the now 35 countries/ethnicities that take part in it.  All of our members are non-profit organizations and DIFI is a 501C3 tax-exempt charity.  With few exceptions everybody connected with running the festival,  manning the booths and performing on our stages is a volunteer.

Sorry – May 2022 is now off.